December 15, 2008

Revolutionary Road | Oscar Buzz

The novel, Revolutionary Road is the basis of a new movie starring Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet (in select theaters December 26th). Published to acclaim in 1961, Revolutionary Road by American writer Richard Yates, has maintained a cultish status among writers for over four decades. That year, the book lost the National Book Award to Walker Percy's Moviegoer. Revolutionary Road became the decade's critical indictment of postwar suburban life and those who left the cities in search of its hopeful surroundings. In the December 16th issue of The New Yorker, James Woods details how acutely Yates placed gender issues at the center of this, and all of his work--which might remind us of just how much in American culture has shifted since the 1950s and in some ways... how much we've remained the same.
Revolutionary Road | Directed by Sam Mendes

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