July 13, 2011


When my friend André was in his early 20's and living in Paris, he fell in love. Madly in love. With his death in 2000, I inherited his writings. In the mix, there are many poems about heartbreak and love. This is poem III of a series of André's early poems I've titled, A Man Who Loved Pucci:


I awoke, and you slept still
Breathing quietly as you will
The morning after a night of love.
And in that pale grey morning light
I felt your skin, so soft, so white
And touched and kissed it as a dove
Would brush its wing against its mate.
Then you'd stir and then you'd wake
And with a sleep-drunk movement turn
And hold me close as in the night
And doze again, a happy sight;
Then would I, as you, to sleep return.

And thus, my love, I remember you
In those days which were too few.

by André de Riano

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Our friendship.
Images: André and girl, private collection • Pucci scarf, 1969 from Taschen's PUCCI book

July 7, 2011

An Island Sanctuary | Greece

Terrace with fragrant Nerium Oleander

Greece holds a certain spot in my heart. So it's no wonder that An Island Sanctuary - A House in Greece by John Stefanidis is one of the most treasured books in my library. It's the story of a house that John and the late Teddy Millington-Drake discovered on the island of Patmos in 1963. It's in the town of Chora which John describes... "has the possessed beauty of a de Chirico painting... sweeps of olive groves, titan rocks plunging into the sea, bays of pristine beauty with gently lapping waves... and everywhere the sea: aquamarine, turquoise, emerald green, deep purple." The house had been abandoned for twenty-five years. By 1964, they spent their first summer in the house. Perhaps, I am enchanted by Stefanidis' textiles because I too, am drawn to the Mediterranean. "What might be called the Mediterranean style," says Stefanidis, is "romanticism, sensuality, and practicality. Mediterranean style is a triumph of common sense. Whitewashed walls reflect light and heat; thick walls render rooms cool; cotton furnishings are fresher to the touch; Lattice allows air to circulate; shutters exclude glare; tile and marble are soothing to the bare foot."

Gardens stone and succulents

Whitewashed terraces, blue and white striped canvas and bougainvillea

Millington-Drake watercolor view of outdoor terrace

A relaxed English fish basket filled with Japanese parasols

Upper-floor terrace

Perfect, simple kitchen

A shaded terrace for breakfast or lunch

Bougainvillea pruned in displays of flame red and Udaipur pink

The Parlor with sky-blue cottons and Anatolian pattern kilim

A dreamy white bedroom and small library at the heart of the first floor

A traditional island sofa with mattress-style cushions covered in JS fabric "Flowers"

My favorite JS "Flowers" fabric

Millington-Drake painting from outdoor dining terrace

An early summer montage of the arid hills

Cool, blue cotton on terrace

Needlework cushions from Patmos, Rhodes, and Anatolia

Cozy room was Millington-Drake's former studio room

Indian miniatures on the wall of this bedroom are perhaps, Company Paintings

Rampant plumbago tumbles over the terrace wall

Taro plant with fragrant gardenia under the dappled shade of a pergola

Truly a must for your design library.
An Island Sanctuary feeds the soul and arouses the senses.

Images: Principal photography by Fritz von der Schulenberg.
An Island Sanctuary, published by Rizzoli
Visit John Stefanidis here