September 12, 2022


It's been ages since I've posted here as I've been busy focusing on my Etsy shop "Billy's Bungalow" and other endeavors. The shop features Vintage, Antiques, Décor & Art. Here are a few latest finds - objects that tell a story are my favorite things!

The Antique Glass Fishing Float is very rare - it was originally crystal-clear glass and because it contains maganese, it turned this beautiful lavender color from the ultraviolet light from its years at sea! I adore Ikat Woven Cloths from the Cote D'Ivoire - these cloths have truly lived life and are wonderful on tables, as pillow covers, and wall-hangings. The Bamboo Coil Basket is another rare find - its woven star pattern represents the three prominent stars of Orion - regarded as the three gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity! The Peruvian Quinua Harvest Vase is intended to hold the seeds to be planted that year for good luck. It shows Peruvian people and their animals on the way to the field. And, finally a Set of Mexican Redware Nut Dishes because they are fun for cocktail hour! If an item interests you, please feel free to use the code: BLOGFRIEND10 at check-out for a 10% discount).

SOLD Rare Antique Lavender Glass Fishing Float SOLD

Antique Ikat Woven Shoulder Cloth | Ivory Coast

Mid-Century Bamboo Chinese Coil Basket SOLD 

Peruvian Quinua Harvest Vase 

SET of (6) Mexican Redware Nut Dishes SOLD

Link to the shop HERE.