February 20, 2011

Fashion + Etchings

It's interesting, how one day you can be looking at two completely unrelated things, and find a connection. A synergy, a story, a city scene, movement and, even a tug between bold color and black + white—street-style fashion photography + etchings:

These colorful street scenes were shot during New York Fashion Week {2011} by photo-blogger, Tommy Ton for Style.com {photo no. 2 was taken behind the scenes at Proenza Schouler, 2010}.

Etchings on Paper by Gary L. Shaffer, 1990s from the series entitled, "Passing Through" 12" x 9", $545 each from Lost Art Salon.

Fashion Week is sort of a passing through. And, as Sorkin wrote about fashion in The Social Network, "it never ends."

Street + Sunday Styles | The New York Times

Trailer: Bill Cunningham


  1. I think that's one of the things that makes the world go 'round for us visual types!! I just love your eye and the way you think - these are such wonderful creative pairings - so NOT obvious, so VERY sophisticated. And just can't wait for the Bill Cunningham movie!!

  2. Hi Q! Thank you... you made my day ; ) And, true... it's all about the visual! The movie will be at the Film Forum in NYC for 2 weeks in March. It's coming to our small art theater here in May-June. Not sure I can wait!!

  3. Brilliant Barbara - I respect and admire how your mind works. The film I would love to go see with you. Bill must have a personality as huge as New York. I favored the quote, "fashion is the armor for everyday life". I use to get made fun of quite a bit in high school for wearing clothes against the norm. With a mom who loved fashion and who was wicked @ the sewing machine you could wear the trends without it breaking the bank. Remember gaucho pants?

    Have a fantastic Monday Barbara. Did I hear you may get snow again? Hugs to you and Billy. xo xo

  4. Hi Deb... I loved that quote as well. And, within the armor there is also a lightness about all of it. I do remember gaucho pants and saw some on the runway this FW. My sister used to sew a new mini-skirt every night to match one of her pullover sweaters. She often taped the hems just in time to leave for school!! A little snow and a lot of snuggling with Mr. Billy. Hugs back to you + Buffy. oxo

  5. beautiful! i love the connection of fashion and art.

  6. Hi Jaime! Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you on Twitter during the Oscars ; )

  7. Hey Boo you and I must be on the same trail as I saw your first photo the other evening while I was lost in tumblr. It grabbed me too. Leave it to you though to take these great visuals and use them in a smart sophisticated sort of way.
    Oh, and for the record, Gracie and I have always been quite fond of the wrap-around skirt!
    xo Lisa

  8. Hi Lisa! I love the wrap-around, too. And, loved your photos today! Let's chat soon ; ) ox

  9. Barbara --

    I'm with Quintessence. So, so original. Less expected connections. I love the way your mind works too :)

  10. Hi Courtney, I'm so delighted you enjoyed this post. That makes me really happy because I think you are the master at weaving original wonders! Thanks so much. ; )


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