December 6, 2008

Let's Toast Naturopathica With a Kir Royale

I love Naturopathica Holistic Health skincare
products. At the moment, my favorite is the
Crème Cassis Bio Amino Replenishment Cream.
Even though its fragrance is a bit fruity for my taste
(contains Black Currant, Orange and Grapefruit Oils),
it works wonders. I must say, after just three weeks
of using it, my complexion is rather glowy and
appears to have actually firmed-up! Another bonus...
Naturopathica's botanical skincare products are
free of synthetic solvents, thickeners and emulsifiers,
and contain no petroleum-based ingredients, artificial
dyes, or fragrances. "Hear-Hear!" (1.7 oz) $85.00

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