August 27, 2010


Carole Weisweiller dining room with reed walls and Jean Cocteau drawing, NYT

Lord Rothschild, Jr., living room, Town & Country

Tom Scheerer, Hobe Sound living room, Tom Scheerer Inc.

Kelly Wearstler, Doheny Estate, KWID

Lee Radziwill's library, New York apartment

When I happen upon a space that I love, it's immediate. Throughout the years, I recognized a recurring theme in the rooms that I love—a cozy place to sit {that's not too stuffy}, a room with books and nooks and groupings of art on the walls, bold patterns, and textiles. Plenty of sunshine, too.

Happy Friday, everyone! ox

August 20, 2010


Today, I've decided to show a few of the images I've recently saved to my desktop. Things + places that inspire me. If Freud had a look at this collection, he might say that I desire to go make-out on the beach somewhere, and maybe squeeze in a little project! The first image is a dog-eared page from House & Garden magazine. I'm not sure of the issue date, but it's a chinoiserie-toile wallpaper {Schumacher, Nanjing} that I just love. To the right, is an iconic George Barris photograph of Marilyn Monroe. I had one of those Mexican sweaters in the 1970s, and would love to find one again. Any thoughts about where? I think Brook Farm General Store might have sold them last year? Next, a photo of a room at the divine Perivolas Hotel in Oia, on Santorini. I love the simplicity of the space and the color of the cotton coverlet is an absolute favorite at the moment. To the right... a sexy, sweet embrace between Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. I love this couple! A friend posted this image on Facebook and I am not sure of its original source. Then we move to a photo of Majorca with almost surreal looking umbrellas. They remind of Lulu's Italian umbrellas. And, finally... the chic Don't Tread on Me needlepoint canvas designed by Louis Gartner, Jr. that I first discovered on the wonderful Mrs. Blandings. I'd love to stitch this needlepoint canvas... maybe Art Needlepoint can re-create it! What inspires you lately?

It's a perfect day here on the Massachusetts coast and my sister is coming for the weekend! Have a great time this weekend wherever you are. oxo

August 15, 2010


A little short from a perfect summer weekend. I hope you are having a great time wherever you are this weekend! ox

August 7, 2010

Camel + Bright Blue | Fall + Fashion

The color camel and camel hair coats will continue to be popular this fall. I love the color camel and especially paired with a bright, almost periwinkle blue. It makes me long for the blue, washed-silk shirt I bought years ago at Country Road Australia {Remember that store? They're opening an online boutique soon!} and also for the camel hair coat I wore in the 1970s that my father bought for me from The Darien Sport Shop. What a perfect classic that coat was—paired with a little black dress or worn-in jeans and a crisp white shirt. The revolving fashion wheel returns us to classics over and over again, but sometimes with decades in between.

I am now on the hunt for the color camel and blue combination wherever I can find it—it's a lovely duet that blends the summer perfectly into fall. Here is a little palette of fashion inspiration from around the Internet. And, how about turbans for fall? How utterly fabulous!

And, January Jones in a camel hair coat with a cashmere sweater and an Hermès scarf... just mad perfection!

Photos, courtesty: Garance Dore, French Vogue, J. Crew, Jak + Jill, Sartorialist, and Google images

August 2, 2010


There wasn't too much of interest at the flea market yesterday, but I am always inspired by the sights and sounds and of course, the dogs. {I think I'll create a dog-post from our next visit to Todd Farm}. It was interesting to see the Alber's color-aid paper exercise that we all did in art school. And, I was delighted to find Mailer's book on Picasso for $1.00. We were quite amused by the canvas Indian circus sign below. We love our Sunday mornings at Todd Farm in Rowley, Massachusetts. What flea market do you love?