August 27, 2010


Carole Weisweiller dining room with reed walls and Jean Cocteau drawing, NYT

Lord Rothschild, Jr., living room, Town & Country

Tom Scheerer, Hobe Sound living room, Tom Scheerer Inc.

Kelly Wearstler, Doheny Estate, KWID

Lee Radziwill's library, New York apartment

When I happen upon a space that I love, it's immediate. Throughout the years, I recognized a recurring theme in the rooms that I love—a cozy place to sit {that's not too stuffy}, a room with books and nooks and groupings of art on the walls, bold patterns, and textiles. Plenty of sunshine, too.

Happy Friday, everyone! ox


  1. Yes, I feel in love with the Cocteau story and rooms too. I just got the T&C AT HOME book, I have always subscribed for that feature in honest. I might find myself tossing the back issues? LR rooms are always inspiring. pgt

  2. Hi pgt, is the Lord Rothschild, Jr. LR in the AT HOME book? It's one of hundreds of my dog-eared pages. Happy weekend ; ) B

  3. All are so unique- esp #1!
    Happy weekend!!

  4. Hi Jaime... if you click on that image you can read the story about it from the NYT Style section. Have a wonderful weekend! ; )

  5. Love your fave rooms, esp that Tom Scheerer one, which is new to me. I'm addicted to those bird reproductions lately. I love that he peppered them throughout the room.

  6. Hi Casey, he also buys the really GOOD ones!! I think Tom is one of the best decorators in America - hands down. And, I've been lucky to have visited many of his spaces. Great to see you - happy rest of summer!! ox


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