December 10, 2008

CNNs Planet in Peril

Tomorrow night, December 11 at 9pm (ET), CNN is back
with its worldwide investigation Planet in Peril. Hosted
by Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Lisa Ling.
Ling travels to the Zakoma National Park in southeastern
Chad to report on the astronomical reduction of Central
African elephants (from 200,000 to several thousand)
nearly wiped-out by the demand for ivory combined with
war in Sudan. What can we do? Take action. You can also
learn more by visiting save the elephants projects or by
adopting an elephant from the Wildlife Adoption Gift Center
(one elephant is $20, an elephant family is $50, or adopt a
herd for $75). Defenders of Wildlife ensures that your
donation will enforce international trade policies concerning
endangered species and will provide public education about
threats to these magnificent animals.

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  1. I love this blog. Something we all need to be reminded and compassion for the beautiful wild creatures that share our earth, and are often forgotten. It saddens my heart that humans are responsible for this extinction. Thanks for bringing this to my attention...I will happily adopt an elephant!


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