February 1, 2011


When my friend André was in his early 20's and living in Paris, he fell in love. Madly in love. With his death in 2000, I inherited his writings. In the mix, there are many poems about heartbreak and love. The photo above was taken of him around that time... the time in which, he wrote the words below. He loved a girl in Pucci and the beaches of the Côte:

More beach and
Flowers everywhere
The water was too blue
And the sand too white and
Pink for reality
Odd little machines
And a hungry cat by the waterside
Hysteria of flowers and fertile trees
"You've got freckles on your butt..."
And, a Pucci, too
Covered with sand and sun
I had never seen a more
Real woman:
I feel now like your shattered dream.

by André de Riano, 1961

Read Poem II here.
Our friendship.
Images: André, private collection • Veruschka in Pucci, the Condé Nast archives


  1. I hope we see more of these poems. You have to get-if not already the pucci book to press some of these in. pgt

  2. Barb,
    It's wonderful when we are touched by someone who stays with us forever and ever. Andre must be smiling as he knows that he left his writing in careful hands.
    Thank you for sharing this very personal gift with us. You are special to many.
    xo Lisa

  3. PGT, I do need to get THE book and I'm so delighted that you want to see more of André's poems. ox

  4. Lisa, The beauty of it all... is being able to immerse myself in his work when I miss him the most. Then, it's as though we just had a visit! I always learn something new about him... in the most subtle way. ox

  5. I would love to read more of André's poems as well. It's as thought you could write a screenplay just from that poem alone. From his photo he's such a chic man. I adore Pucci but I think I would of adored him as well.

    Thank you for sharing his work with us Barbara.

    xo xo

  6. Deb, you would, indeed have adored Andre and I know he would have adored you, too. I WILL post more of his writings. I know he would get a kick out of it. I adored him. oxo

  7. So sad when someone so talented leaves us so young. Love this poignant poem. Clearly he was a special friend - and I, like others above, look forward to reading more.

  8. Stacey, I will certainly share more of his work. And, will try to get a novel published as well. He was 62 when he died. A mentor and great friend. He was brilliant + complex + fun + loving!

  9. How wonderful that you have this memory to keep your friendship alive and honored. Best of luck with getting this published.
    We had a special friend too whose life ended too soon and I have a photo of him holding our twins, infants. Now our infants are turning 18.

  10. pve, Thank you and yes... keeping the friendship alive is the best part!
    PS... I cannot believe your twins are 18!
    ; )


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