October 19, 2010


The guardians of Sheikh Salim's tomb.

I've been intrigued by Roderick "Rory" Cameron and his La Fiorentina for quite some time, but even more so after reading this Christopher Petkanas story here {T magazine} from The New York Times. I am slowly collecting Cameron's books on history and travel. This past weekend, his Shadows From India arrived. I will spend hours intrigued by this album of architectural history, pattern, and delight—from Ancient Hindu to Mogul India, Rajput to British India, and a section on Kashmir—the isolated corner of India. First published in 1958, Cameron's exquisite photographs are a true delight—the light/shadows feel so right. I felt compelled to share some of these lovely photographs with you.

Outside Sheikh Salim Chisti's tomb at Fatchpur-Sikri

Built by Shah Jahan at Amjer

Royal palace at Agra with Bengali-roofed side pavilions

Mogul garden in geometric design

Mogul tomb of I'timad-ud-Daulah, built in 1628

Many of the shadows from India come from the light that filters through the lattice windows.

A window in Akbar's tomb at Sikandra

Inlaid floors from the Palace at Delhi

An inlaid panel in I'timad-ud-Daulah's tomb reflects a strong Persian influence

Marble tracery in Salim Chisti's tomb

The palace at Agra

The entrance to the tomb of I'timad-ud-Daulah

Hall of Public Audience at Delhi

Palm over the grey sand-banks of the Jumna River

Shah Jahan's Palace at Delhi

Inner courtyard of a house in Udaipur, decorated with folk art

Seventeenth-century Persian glass mosaic of flowers, grapes and hibiscus

Marble elephants guard the water steps at The Jamandar Palace

The palace of Dig at Bharatpur built in 1725 by Suraj Mal, founder of the Bharatpur dynasty

Cloth bazaar

Women stringing and selling jasmine-like beads

A "nahob's" residence {Anglo-Indian definition of the word > a person of great wealth}

Detail of the Old Mint and its Greek Revival architecture

The man-made lake at Lucknow, built by Frenchman Claude Martin

Cameron's bedroom at Clark's Hotel at Benares

Bungalows at Poona with latticed verandas

A bungalow with 'baronial Gothic' detail in Bangalore

Charming bungalow

Entrance to a delightful house-boat moored on the River Jhelum in Kashmir

Lovely Nishat Bagh gardens at the very base of the Himalayas in Kashmir
Book cover pattern

All Photos: courtesy, Shadows From India by Roderick Cameron, William Heinemann Ltd.


  1. How beautiful. I would love to be on that house boat RIGHT NOW.

  2. SP... so would I!! Have a wonderful day. ; )

  3. History, travel & architecture are a thrill to me. Seeing all the images helps me understand how textile designers get inspiration from vintage images. I say we all should be on that house boat right about now!

    Fabulous post as always Barbara. I must read that "T" mag. article. Wishing you a lovely Thursday with your sisters sweet Barbara. xo xo

  4. Dwb, So true about textiles and oh... that houseboat! India is next on my travel list. A great Thursday to you, too! Good luck with the showings. ox Barbara

  5. Endlessly inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Casey, I'm fascinated by India. Next trip! ; )

  7. absolutely inspiring! thank you so much for writing about Roderick Cameron... wonderful!

  8. Hi. I am researching ancient Indian architecture and have to buy " Shadows from India". Please share the source from where you bought this book.


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