September 12, 2022


It's been ages since I've posted here as I've been busy focusing on my Etsy shop "Billy's Bungalow" and other endeavors. The shop features Vintage, Antiques, Décor & Art. Here are a few latest finds - objects that tell a story are my favorite things!

The Antique Glass Fishing Float is very rare - it was originally crystal-clear glass and because it contains maganese, it turned this beautiful lavender color from the ultraviolet light from its years at sea! I adore Ikat Woven Cloths from the Cote D'Ivoire - these cloths have truly lived life and are wonderful on tables, as pillow covers, and wall-hangings. The Bamboo Coil Basket is another rare find - its woven star pattern represents the three prominent stars of Orion - regarded as the three gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity! The Peruvian Quinua Harvest Vase is intended to hold the seeds to be planted that year for good luck. It shows Peruvian people and their animals on the way to the field. And, finally a Set of Mexican Redware Nut Dishes because they are fun for cocktail hour! If an item interests you, please feel free to use the code: BLOGFRIEND10 at check-out for a 10% discount).

Rare Antique Lavender Glass Fishing Float

Antique Ikat Woven Shoulder Cloth | Ivory Coast

Mid-Century Bamboo Chinese Coil Basket

Peruvian Quinua Harvest Vase 

SET of (6) Mexican Redware Nut Dishes

Link to the shop HERE.

August 21, 2013

The Decorator

NOTE: Since this post was written, Tom has a second book out Tom Scheerer More Decorating - and this time, he wrote it himself. Listen to this wonderful chat with Tom on the Ballard Design Podcast.

 I've been lucky to spend many happy days in several of Tom Scheerer's houses since his sister Jane is my best friend from art school days. Tom knows better than anyone how to create a house as Mimi Read so aptly describes in Tom's new book, Tom Scheerer Decorates ~ "He's the decorator for the long haul, the one who can compose a great-looking room that you never want to leave."

Tom learned a lot from forebears Billy Baldwin and David Hicks ~ "he's always maintained that their frank, generous books {including Billy Baldwin Decorates} taught him most of what he knows." Now it's our turn to learn from Tom in this gracious book from Vendome Press. In my opinion, Tom is the best. In fact, I'm sure that everyone who knows Tom well considers what Tom would think when buying fabric, wallpaper, or even napkins for a summer lunch. I know I do! It's the Tom Scheerer aesthetic—and this book beautifully envelopes it all—from the famous coral steps in the Scheerer family's East Hampton house to Tom's "splashiest" project at Lyford Cay Club {a Pinterest favorite}.
A surprise, textured pattern graces the hardcover of Tom Scheerer Decorates and his Lyford Trellis delights as well—with impeccable photography by Francesco Lagnese, generous resources, and pitch-perfect text from Mimi Read. The book consists of three sections: City | Country | Tropics.

You will stop and return to the images again and again to study the Scheerer sensibility—teaming with life—both refined and friendly, all with Tom's unique brand of chic to "underdecorate."

"It's my general philosophy to accept what's given and make it work without going to too much trouble," he says. "It's what makes one house different from the next. Why rip out a bathroom to spend $20,000 on designer tile just to have a bathroom that looks exactly like everyone else's? Why not bleach the sink, put a new scalloped shade on the sconce, and get on with life? That's what we did in our summer houses in the old days—it's why they had charm."

Tom Scheerer Decorates is a treat for all to learn about living well from one of the most gracious hosts of all. I do hope a cookbook is next. Tom is also the best cook. Ever. Do run to get a copy here.

See an earlier interview with Tom here.
Another post mentioning Tom's work here.

Thank you to Vendome Press for the early copy.

June 8, 2013

Beauport | GREEN

Detail "The Golden Step Room" at Beauport | Sleeper-McCann House
Lately, I've been attracted to the color GREEN. No, not the Pantone color of the year green, but this green. Beauport Green. Set against this pale aqua, even better. Add a touch of opaque white and a dash of black, divine! All in a décor of simple American style... Henry David Sleeper style. Sleeper (1878-1934), collector, decorator, Boston bachelor, and interpreter of American style. "The Golden Step Room" was one of many dining rooms in Sleeper's summer house "Beauport" in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Beauport evolved over a period of twenty seven years. Though a serious curator, Sleeper had a flair for color and arrangement. From Beauport's museum book ~ "Daring color harmonies and the playful interaction of repeating forms are as important to his compositions as allusion and narrative."

See a lot more of "Beauport" on my Pinterest Board here.

January 28, 2012

Decorator + American Beauty

Sara Gilbane {left} • Bedroom designed by Sara, fabric from Carlton V

I am just delighted to interview interior decorator, Sara Gilbane. I first discovered Sara's work searching for something on Google that led me to her blog—and, I quickly became a fan of her cozy, elegant rooms. After graduating from Brown, Sara studied interior design at RISD and blossomed as Celerie Kemble's assistant. Last year, she was named one of TradHome's Top 20 New Designers and House Beautiful previously named her as one of their Top 20 Next Wave Designers.

Darling kitchen breakfast nook perfectly accessorized in blue + white

The thing that is so good about Sara's work is that she understands how to accessorize. "I am a fanatic about details and I must admit that this is my favorite part of a project." She gets it! Each room looks naturally finished. Sara has great taste in fabrics and her details—from piping to pleats are indeed, impeccable. She also makes wonderful, bold wallpaper choices.

Powder Room wallpaper, Poppies by Lee Jofa

I love this combination of large navy paisley with yellow lattice wallpaper.

Headboard, Ralph Lauren St. Kitts, navy • Wallpaper, Carlton V

Settee, Zimmer + Rohde, Oak Leaf Blue • Blue chaise in Rogers + Goffigon, pillow from Turkey

Inlaid chaise in Robert Kime's Suzanni Yellow, pillow Chelsea Textiles • Ottoman, Stark Burlap

Headboard fabric, Brunschwig + Fils
NYC Living Room, antique oushak carpet, custom lucite table, and Natasha Law painting

American Beauty photographed by Vogue alumna, Claiborne Swanson Frank

In addition to being a super-talented designer, Sara is a quintessential American beauty! She is featured alongside winemaker, Michelle Ouelett and style virtuoso, Jenna Lyons in Assouline's upcoming book, American Beauty.

I am so happy to meet Sara and to ask her some fun questions:

Current obsession: Wallpapers and fabrics by Idarica Gazzoni
Last thing you bought: Erdem floral blouse and tan suede Proenza Schouler bag
Favorite vacation spot: St. Barth's is heaven to me

Inspiring artist: So difficult to choose but I love Hugo Grenville right now - his work is stunning and reminds me of Matisse.
Listening to: I am a music fanatic and am all over the place with what I listen to, it really depends on the day. So on any given day you might find me listening to: Broken Bells, Florence and the Machine, Black Keys, Bon Iver, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, or Robyn.

Style icon: I look to a bevy of icons for inspiration: Lauren Hutton, Jackie Onassis, Ali MacGraw, Bianca Jagger as well as Diane Kruger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Moss.
Can't live without: My husband Jay and my daughter Gin
Most precious belonging: My wedding ring and old family photos of my grandparents and parents

French 75 [recipe here]
Cocktail of the moment: French 75 - a glass of champagne with a splash of gin and lemon juice and a sugar cube to make it fizz. Delicious!!
Favorite shape: A cube
Color of the moment: Purple is always intriguing

Museum pick: The Frick in NYC and The Musée Marmottan in Paris
Most comfortable shoes: A pair of low-rise linen boots by Rag and Bone
Favorite time of day: First thing in the morning when my daughter climbs into bed with me smelling like sleep.
Thing about interior design you already knew at age 18: Layering is the key to warmth in a space, bring on the sisal, area rugs, and accessories!
Best design advice for readers: Go into the process with a strong idea of how you live and how you would like to live.

Thank you, Sara!

You can visit Sara here.
And, on Facebook.
See the 2012 New Trad Designers at TRADhome.
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December 24, 2011

A Holiday Walk | Greenfield Hill

Greenfield Hill, Connecticut is a part of Fairfield that is filled with a wonderful blend of antique houses built in the 1930s. Many of them are designed by architect, Cameron Clark. Clark lived in Greenfield Hill and had offices in Southport and Manhattan. He is well-known for his residential work and for his redesign in 1939, of the Fairfield Town Hall. Clark was married to Agnes Selkirk, a graduate of the Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecturea school for women founded in 1901, specializing in landscape architecture and horticulture—located in Groton, Massachusetts. Agnes worked for renowned landscape architect and teacher Ellen Biddle Shipman before opening her own Park Avenue office.

Not all of these houses were designed by Clark, but they are all gems that I wanted to share with you. I took these photographs on an afternoon walk last winter. The architectural details and stonewalls are timeless and elegant and truly Connecticut.

Everything looks particularly beautiful in late afternoon winter light.

Here is the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church that sits on the green. It's the church I got married in almost 14 years ago. In the month of May, there is a lovely Dogwood Festival here. It's been a tradition for 76 years. I hope you enjoyed our afternoon walk around Greenfield Hill. Wishing you glad tidings and all the best in the New Year!

December 17, 2011

Gifts + Charms + Wish-Lists

A lovely reader of My Dog-Eared Pages wrote to ask me if I would please create another gift guide this year. I was extremely honored and delighted by her request. But I just couldn't find the time it takes to gather together a complete holiday gift guide as I have in the past—with ideas from baby to best friend [here + here]. So what I thought might be fun, would be to put together my own wish-list. My dream gift would be the perfect antique lady's writing desk from 1stdibs! But of course, what I would love more than any gifts at all, would be to gather with family and friends.

My extravagant wish-list. For almost seventeen years, my dear friend André gave me a scarf from Hermès for Christmas [though not my first, you can read about that here]. The year André passed away from cancer, my husband carried on the tradition. So, the first thing on my list is inspired by this beautiful friendship and this classic photograph of Jean Shrimpton. I don't have a solid-color scarf in my collection and I love this purple scarf called, Hermès-Sellier.

Hermès-Sellier Scarf in silk jacquard $395

Now remember... I said this was a wish-list! I currently do not own a pair of Roger Vivier shoes. And, I think these are absolute perfection. Such a divine color, with tortoise shell buckle.

Roger Vivier Belle de Nuit Suede Gommette Flats $590
[On right, a 1960s ad for shoes designed by Vivier for Christian Dior, Illustration by Rene Gruau]

I just discovered this sensible + chic Loupe from Vivre, made by the renowned French design house Perrin Paris 1893. It magnifies 5X with a 2.36" diameter lens on a 35.4" cord. Never worry about leaving your glasses behind!

Tortoise Loup by Perrin Paris $395 • And, they make amazing eyewear, too. $345

Also from Vivre, I spotted this Horn Cuff by Mariana Lopez Osornio. I think it might be best to wear two at a time. One on each wrist!

Horn Cuff made in Argentina from Vivre $150
[note: MLO Jewelry is a sustainable business; using recycled materials]

More treats for the cuff with these fabulous gloves from Anthropologie:
[perfect details, note the gold-tone leather in between the fingers!]

Cuffed Shearling Gloves by Maison Fabre $198

Don't head out into the cold without the perfect Lip Balm!

Rodin Olio Lusso blush-tone Lip Balm w/Jasmine + Orange Oil $28

Hmmm, it appears I am loving pink and coral at the moment!

I adore this Tangier Stripe Pillow from Heidi Merrick. $165

Crisp white Wendy Shirt with Cocktail Cuff by Thomas Pink $180 • Straw Stitched Sun Hat from Chance $325

And, since this just might be the year of the Charm Bracelet after the Christie's auction of Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry Collection this week:

Oscar de la Renta Russian Charm Bracelet $225

Yummy Marimekko Lokki Blanket $245 • Tangle Lacquered Tray from Plantation Design $150 [you can never have too many trays or blankets!]

And, maybe something to read while cozy under the Lokki blanket. There are so many wonderful books that have been published recently. One that I would love to add to my library is, BALS: Legendary Costume Balls of the Twentieth Century; that explores nine of the most exceptional private costume parties of the twentieth century. Published by Assouline.

BALS: Legendary Costume Balls of the Twentieth Century $175

And just one more, published by Rizzoli...

Oberto Gili: Home Sweet Home $85
Since the 1970s, Oberto Gili has been an editorial photographer traveling the world. His images of fashion and interiors have appeared in House & Garden, Town & Country, and Vogue. This collection of photography spans his career; and focuses on 'the extravagance of the bohemian.' The New York Social Diary interviewed Oberto Gili here.

And, there are also so many treats for your library at my favorite, Nick Harvill Libraries.

I would love numerous prints by artist, Jane Parkes. Her work is quickly being discovered by decorators; as seen in the June issue of House Beautiful.

Green Girl, Monotype
[see a lot more and inquire about pricing and availability here.]

A touch of RED with this votive from glassybaby in the color Happiness. 10% of the sale from each Happiness votive is donated to Gilda's Club in New York City. So far, glassybaby has donated $626,211.73 in sales given since November 2003. Their votives absolutely glow and come in amazing colors. These make great gifts for hostess, or anyone!

glassybaby Happiness votive $44

And, finally... who wouldn't adore an Ivan Terestchenko photograph from his series Interieurs Couture. [contact directly for availability: 30 x 40 cm $250 • 50 x 60 cm $400 • signed, dated and numbered • limited edition of 30 prints]

I would like to end by wishing you the most delightful holiday possible. And, to thank you for reading My Dog-Eared Pages. I greatly appreciate each and everyone of you who visits and comments.

Happy Holidays!!

Holly Boot: Andy Warhol for Tiffany & Co.