June 29, 2009


Image & video courtesy of Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Fashioning Felt explores varied uses of felt in a range of fields including:
product design | fashion | architecture | home furnishings.
The exhibition runs through September 7.

June 23, 2009


A wonderful selection of 18th & 19th-century botanical prints and more can be found on [panteek]. From L to R: Ophologlossum Fern, Nitophyllum Hilliae, Delesseria Sinuosa, and Adiantum Tenerum.


How do you wear your monocle? I absolutely love this photo [via The English Muse] of breakfast in bed. Not a bad idea... it's another rainy day here on the East Coast!

June 18, 2009


Selles a Housse Hermès Silk Twill Scarf
I've been a fan of Hermès ever since I received my first hand-rolled silk twill scarf... Selles A Housse from my nanny-family in Connecticut. My employer and [still] great friend Vicky and her two fabulous children and I celebrated the end of our first summer together—and my departure for art school in London—at Le Chateux in South Salem | NY. During that delicious dinner in 1977, I was given my first handsome orange box, and that was the beginning of a long love affair. There was something so powerful about wearing [at the fair age of nineteen] that sophisticated equestrian-patterned scarf with my suede jacket and jeans. It made me feel European, lady-like and buttoned-up. Years and quite a few scarves later, I still admire the sophistication and artistic perfection of Hermès.

Balcons du Guadalquivir bracelet in enamel [from $445 - $640]
This season, the Balcons du Guadalquivir bangle captures my attention in Red. And, I just love the castanet-playing illustrations of the bracelet featured in travel the world of Hermès. [check out this fun, informative part of the Hermès website—it's one the most creative displays online.]

June 16, 2009


I dream about the Mediterranean recipes in VEFA'S KITCHEN as I read through Alejandro Junger's life-changing new book CLEAN. I've switched back and forth forever from clean foods and juice fasting to planning 4+ course dinner parties for weeks. For most people, the balance can be found in the Mediterranean way of cooking [prized for its healthy benefits]. But I will spend three weeks on Alejandro Junger's clean program. Will I miss my acid-forming food favorites like tomatoes and strawberries, sure. But if I can look and feel as good as Donna Karan and Gwyneth, I'm in!

June 14, 2009


I first heard about TOAST through fellow blogger katy elliott. It's a UK-based store with four shops in London and beyond. TOAST has everything from outdoor picnic goodies to clothing to bed & bath. I love their selection of hamman towels—I'm covering semi-upholstered chairs with the deep sky blue. Boden, a bit like the J. Crew of the UK has so many perfect pieces like the crinkle jersey shirts, tunics and more. Here's to summer with TOAST and Boden.

June 13, 2009


The 2009 Nantucket Film Festival is opening on June 18 [runs through June 21]. The opening film is Cold Souls from writer/director Sophie Barthes. Her script was inspired by a dream she had after viewing Woody Allen's Sleeper... where, Allen was holding his soul in a cup and it was the size of a "chic pea." In Cold Souls, Paul Giamatti plays himself as a tormented actor struggling in rehearsals of Chekhov's Broadway-bound, Uncle Vanya. His agent tells him about Soul Storage, a service featured in The New Yorker, where souls can be traded and exchanged as commodities. Seeking relief from his existential crisis, Giamatti opts to have his soul removed and then replaced once his performance is over. Regretting his decision, Giamatti goes back to reclaim his soul only to find it missing. This tragicomedy reminds us that happiness does not come from the absence of pain and torment, but from the full palette of life's emotions.

Sophie Barthes and Paul Giamatti

Other films at this year's festival: Year One, The Cove, Serious Moonlight, Facing Ali, Amreeka, and many more. Please visit Nantucket Film Festival.

June 6, 2009


A stunning Peter Lindbergh photo of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford in tops by Giorgio di Sant’Angelo," published in British Vogue, January 1990.
photo via artnetdotcom

The Metropolitan Museum
The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion
May 6, 2009–August 9, 2009
The Tisch Galleries, 2nd floor

The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

June 3, 2009


Fast Company has just finished the task of compiling their picks for the 100 Most Creative People in Business. There is a wide span of talent here representing issues from the future of energy to next-generation media. Making the list • Trish Adams, Senior VP of Merchandising for Target | Piet Oudolf, Dutch Garden Designer and father of the new Perennial Movement | Scott Schuman, creator of one of my favorites, The Sartorialist fashion blog | Alexandra Patsavas, Owner of Chop Shop Music [she matches the right music to the right screen on shows like Mad Men and Grey's] and 96 more. Take a look. Be inspired.