May 2, 2010


Coke and Emeco have partnered to create the new 111 Navy Chair—made out of 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles. The chair, which is exclusive to Design Within Reach sells for $230 and is available in persimmon, flint, white, grass, charcoal, and Coca-Cola red. I love the red, but the best part is that the production of this chair is expected to keep 3 million plastic Coke bottles out of landfills each year.


  1. Geez, this seems expensive for what looks like everyone would purchase, except for the price. Boca Raton has long had benches in beachfront areas made from recycled plastic which I thought was brilliant. I love these little chairs too, but even I (who never has a thought of being sensible) wouldn't pay this much. What does everyone else think?

  2. Hi Splenderosa... I don't sell the chair or pretend to be an expert about it but... people have been paying $415 for the revered brushed aluminum version of Emeco's Navy chair for years. It apparently took 4 years to perfect this recycled plastic version and it's durable enough for commercial use. ;)

  3. Totally down for this chair ... very cool. great classic design, and I love COKE (over Pepsi everyday and twice on Sunday!) as well. love the recycle aspect too ...


  4. Hey Jg... great to see you and yes, Coke over Pepsi! ; )

  5. Such a classic. I love that they're doing it in all those fun colors. And recycling!


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