May 31, 2010


Farm eggs, mustard greens, strawberries, beets and summer kale from Arrowhead Farm

Early summer is a perfect time of year to cleanse your body and soul. June gives us our longest days from the earliest morning sunrises to late evening sunsets. In the first week of May, I did a three day juice cleanse through American Yogini. Since, I've been thrilled to visit my local farmer's market every Sunday and fill our kitchen with the most incredible greens imaginable—delicate mizuna, spicy mustard greens, tender summer kale, colorful swiss chard, ruby beets with greens, tender lettuces, and my favorite... heavenly arugula. I've added the mizuna to fritattas and the beet greens with apples and ginger and limes and turnips to my juicer. The most important thing we can do for our planet and ourselves is to eat locally. I celebrate Arrowhead Farm here in Newburyport. It has been a working farm since 1683 and is one of our many local CSA farms {Community Supported Agriculture}. Arrowhead, like most CSAs offers a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs only in their seasons; along with a full selection of farm products including eggs, meat and cut-flowers. There is nothing quite as delicious as farm fresh, local eggs. Read more about eggs on Dominique Browning's inspiring blog.

Find your local CSA here.


  1. How beautiful your plate of eggs & greens looks. Isn't it nice to be able to create something beautiful out of something so ordinary? Thanks for the item on CSA locations.

  2. Hi Splenderosa, yes... simple beauty! Is there anything better? I hope you find a local CSA. ox

  3. I LOVE those dishes above -- can you tell me more about them? Are they Burleighware?

  4. Carla InnisMay 31, 2010

    your photos are scrumptious! has me desiring a huge fresh salad with edible flowers! always love your posts!

  5. Hi mamacita - it's a fluted-edged platter and it's Copeland England, Spode's Tower is the pattern. I think you can find a lot of it online. The blue is brilliant! ox

  6. Thanks Carla!! Great idea for lunch on this glorious day..... ox

  7. Delicious! I visited my local farm stand Friday and was told "no produce yet" but as of today they are stocked and I couldn't be more excited!

  8. Hi Casey... it's just a heavenly time for our local food!! Yum. ox


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