May 17, 2010


Carina Schott is the mom and talent behind the online store Nonchalant Mom. It's a stylish stop for a perfect selection of things to wear from baby to kids to mom, and things for body and home. Carina has an eye for chic, modern looks and has created an online store that I promise, you will return to again and again. I was delighted to chat with Carina recently:

Tell us about your fashion background, before the days of Nonchalant Mom:
I'm an oldie but goodie... I've been in fashion for 25 years now. I've worked for very high-end and lived in Italy {loved it} and then for big brands and lived in NYC {hated it}, but I loved New York and ended up staying for a while. I never found anything like where I stared; Esprit in 1985... it was a wonderful bubble, and then it burst. It's where I met some real creative kings that I still respect and watch {and I'm happy to say that many are still friends}. I feel like Nonchalant Mom is my little Esprit, it makes me feel really good and I like my customers a lot, they are a great bunch of women. But I really want to work on my own collection, Nonchalant Kids and I never seem to find the time!

Carina with her daughter Franny and favorite Hasbeen clogs {click image for a list of stores}

Current obsession:
It's Spring, I have a lot of them at the moment! I think that I will have to make a little list for you:
Skin brushing with Britt Beautiful Skin
Rose Marie Swift "un" makeup {it's organic, you can practically eat it!}
Afghani shirts by Layla
Hasbeen clogs

Afghani Shirt by Layla

Last thing you bought:
Seeds and a truckload of organic dirt {well, half a truckload!}

Favorite vacation spot:
The Parker in Palm Springs {vacation}
Paris {pretend to work vacation}

Carina with friend Gunn at Brasserie Lipp, Paris and the pool at Parker Palm Springs

Reading now:
Star - How Warren Beatty Seduced America by Peter Biskind and I pretend Vanity Fair is a book and read it cover to cover.

Listening to:
Neko Case and Peter Sarstedt

Inspiring artists:
My husband, Karim Hamid, Jenny Saville and my friend Peirangelo D'Agostin {although he is a designer, he is more like an artist}

Can't live without:
Brown rice and Umeboshi plums {that, and a good Manhattan!}

Portrait of son Sander by Carina's husband Karim Habid and Nonchalant mom's Mac with Manhattan

Store picks {other than}:
Home • Tortoise in Venice Beach
Clothing • Huset and Layla
Italy • Un Momento Nordico

Inspiration from nature:
I think I moved to Rhode Island because of the beautiful rocks at the beach... But I have to say, I do everything I can outside—I hang out my laundry, play with my kids and we eat outside when weather permits. Our home is in the woods and it's great! The colors, the sounds, the animals... it's all so inspiring!

Franny flying by on her skateboard

Most precious belonging:
My father's watch - he died when I was 10 and I can almost feel him when I wear it.

Favorite shape:
A heart

Color of the moment:
Bright blue

Cocktail of the moment:
I make the BEST Manhattan

Favorite room:
My bedroom {and I don't mean that to be sexy, I'm tired!}

Carina + gang: husband Karim, son Sander, daughter Franny and dog Marley

Museum pick:
The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis

Favorite item of clothing:
My Makié jacket - she is amazing!

Most comfortable shoes:
Jack Purcell sneakers

Favorite time of day:
Climbing into bed at midnight {although it's REALLY wonderful if I can get in there earlier!}

Something great you already knew about design when you were 18:
I think that I already knew at 18 if something is made really well, it's beautiful

Words to live by:
Don't run in clogs!

Thanks Carina oxo

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  1. Great profile, Barbara. Thanks! I have heard so much about this site and will have to go check it out.

  2. I meet the greatest women here... Barbara I just love the way you support others. Thank you so much for introducing me to Carina and her charming family. Oh and thank you for introducing me to her wonderful world of incredibly nifty design too!
    One more thing...I'm loving all your movie clips. I posted a clip last night that will touch you. xo Lisa

  3. Hi Casey and Lisa! Thanks for the feedback and Nonchalant Mom is great... I had quite a few of Carina's picks in my holiday gift guide. Great for baby presents, clothes for us and canvas bags, and body lotion, and well... a lot!
    Lisa... I'm heading over to look at the clip you've posted! oxo B

  4. Full of humour! can not wait to explore all the links!! pgt

  5. Pgt, Carina is just great! I meant to comment on your Look Homeward Angel summer reading post [] My father was in the book business his entire life. Thomas Wolfe was one of his favorite writers... and I've never read LHA. I must add to my summer reads. I am honored to be one of your regular blog reads... you have one of the smartest blogs out there! Thanks much ; )


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