May 4, 2010


While I was at Anthropologie yesterday, I discovered these wonderful small vases. I am always ready to buy a small vase, another Indian-print bedspread, and any type of good canvas-y bag. Small vases are perfect to tuck just about anywhere. And, right before guests arrive... I love to create small, tidy arrangements for bedside tables. I might select freesia and maidenhair fern for the Fondant vase on the left, large purple anemomes and lavender for the Seahorse Trio vase, and ranunculus and euphorbia for the Staghorn vase. How about you?


  1. Gorgeous! I want to be a guest at your house! You've just made me realize how many more flowering plants I need in my yard. Right now, I could do just ferns and bleeding heart. Hope my climbing rose blooms this year.

  2. Me too! on all three must haves. Never too many, best are those small vases when only one or two posies are left. I like the seahorses-which is totally out of character-but the shape is great. that one please. pgt

  3. Casey! Bleeding hearts are just wonderful! It's one of the best things about a summer garden. ;)

  4. PGT... it's all yours! I love the shape, too. ;)


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