April 27, 2010


Tina Barney, one of America's most renowned contemporary art photographers, has a new book coming out in May called Players. The book will feature commercial assignments along with Tina's editorial, portrait, and fashion photography. Players debuts on the heels of a recent documentary about Tina directed by Jaci Judelson titled Social Studies, that follows Barney as she sets out to photograph the upper class milieu of Europe.

Tina Barney's sets and subjects are completely intertwined aesthetically—creating a depth of personality with every photograph. This can be seen in the Spring 2010 fashion images she shot for Tory Burch {shown just above}. Having both grown-up in the same East Coast environments that are true to the brand's waspy personality, made Tina Barney a savvy pick by Burch.

Both the documentary and book can be purchased here.


  1. I see one of these books in my very near future. I love her photography-there is a stillness to all the activity she captures. I look forward to checking out that vid too. pgt

  2. "Stillness" is absolutely the appropriate word... ;)

  3. I look forward to checking out this book. I already like what I see. Also, I'm pleased to have discovered your very stylish blog. You have a new fan. xo Erica


  4. Erica, thank you for the lovely comment and if you search Tina Barney you will find tons of fantastic photographs. She has previously published books as well. I'll stop by moth-design. ;) Barbara

  5. Barbara thank you for posting about book & film. I was so fond of her photography for Tory Burch that I would thou roughly enjoy more of her work. What 'little Augury' stated about the stillness is a keen observation. It's as though her subjects were in action & she said 'freeze' Remember playing 'statue' as children?

    Must add these to my ever growing wish list! xxxoo


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