September 5, 2011


When my friend André was in his early 20's and living in Paris, he fell in love. Madly in love. With his death in 2000, I inherited his writings. In the mix, there are many poems about heartbreak and love. This is poem IV of a series of André's earliest poems I've titled, A Man Who Loved Pucci:

Over There

Over there, three thousand miles away
I find myself looking out windows
Seeing autumn stealing in.
I'm there only a few minutes at a time
But I can see it all, nonetheless.
I can see the cafés putting up their glass panels
I can see the Prix-Unic selling more sweaters
And fewer bathing suits.
I can see the workmen drinking a little more wine
To keep warm.
I can see the church of St. Germain turning greyer
For the nine hundredth time...
Who says you can't be in two places at once?

I am.

by André de Riano

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Our friendship.

Images: Collage of scarf/model created from Taschen's PUCCI book • André, private collection


  1. So so lovely and exactly how I know I will feel in the coming weeks!! Although I didn't have much of a summer, I do love fall as well so I'm hoping to have some more time to enjoy this season a little more!!

  2. A beautiful poem- I sense the longing for moving on and staying in place. It is something we all feel whether it be seasons or life. pgt

  3. really enjoyed this poem ... perfect for heading into Fall. thanks for that!

  4. Q! Pgt, and Jg., Thank you all so much for reading. This is a poem I included in André's memorial service program. Pgt, it does include both the longing for moving on and staying in place. I can so relate to that especially this time of year, always Thanks all. ox

  5. The underlying poem is phenomenally generous and so, therefore, is its conservation and sharing here. Please never doubt what you value in him.

  6. Hi!
    I have read this a number of times since you posted. I have enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you.
    Warm regards,

  7. Hi Laurent, Thank you so much for your kindest words and for understanding how important this friendship was to me. I think to say the underlying poem is "generous" shows just how much you understand the poem and even André himself. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Philip, I am delighted you have returned to read this poem a number of times and André would be, too. Thank you so much for the shout-out the other day! Your brilliant posts on Facebook are book-worthy! Just amazing... I enjoy every single one. ; )

  9. What a gift...barb thank you so much for sharing these with us.
    xo Lisa

  10. Hi Lisa! Of course... I am delighted to share them! I'm currently developing a manuscript of André's early poems. ox


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