July 13, 2011


When my friend André was in his early 20's and living in Paris, he fell in love. Madly in love. With his death in 2000, I inherited his writings. In the mix, there are many poems about heartbreak and love. This is poem III of a series of André's early poems I've titled, A Man Who Loved Pucci:


I awoke, and you slept still
Breathing quietly as you will
The morning after a night of love.
And in that pale grey morning light
I felt your skin, so soft, so white
And touched and kissed it as a dove
Would brush its wing against its mate.
Then you'd stir and then you'd wake
And with a sleep-drunk movement turn
And hold me close as in the night
And doze again, a happy sight;
Then would I, as you, to sleep return.

And thus, my love, I remember you
In those days which were too few.

by André de Riano

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Our friendship.
Images: André and girl, private collection • Pucci scarf, 1969 from Taschen's PUCCI book


  1. Thank you for posting Andre's poems. As we get older, and as we are increasingly caught up in the responsibilities and practicalities that daily life thrusts upon us, it's easy to forget about experiences of the sort that Andre's poems portray, and they are a moving reminder.

  2. Hi Harrison, I agree... and when we do take time to remember those experiences, they can be moving and quite vivid.

  3. Barbara --

    What an incredible gift to receive. Lovely series of posts you're putting together.

  4. Hi Courtney, Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I am in awe of all of the wonders at Style Court lately. ; )

  5. Sigh. Andre's writings send me.
    Thank you so much for sharing Barbara.
    So lovely.
    xo Lisa

  6. Hi Lisa... Thank you for reading Andre's early poems. I'm delighted you like them! OX

  7. So beautiful! We should all be so lucky to be loved like that!!

  8. Simply this..what was it like to know such a fascinating, talented man? His poems just swoop you away in thought; to dream, to lust, to love. Oh how I love Pucci, but I also think it would of been easy to love André. Barbara thank you for sharing his work. I could read more..

    xo xo

  9. Q! Thank you and yes... to be loved! ox

    DT, Deb... André was a complex character... a brilliant intellectual with a heart of gold. A part of my heart closed-up when he died. I've only realized that recently. I feel so lucky to have known him and I will always cherish my memories of him. I have one of his novels in the hands of a publisher. The greatest gift I could give him would be to get his work published. Thanks so much for reading!! These poems were written [quite obviously] when he was very young. ox

  10. Barbara -- you were obviously an amazing friend to Andre and he left his precious writings in the hands of the right person as you continue to honor him and bring all of us into his genius. Perhaps a published book of his prose is next in order....? xo tamara

  11. Hi T! Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughts of a book. It's a dream that I work on every chance I get. It would be my greatest gift to a long, precious friendship. Have a wonderful afternoon!! ox

  12. I think this would make a wonderful book.
    Funny how what one person can leave behind just makes us stop and breath a bit deeper. Pucci does that as well as your friends words.
    Just a breath of fresh air.
    Thank-you for sharing.

  13. I will watch your blog for the publish date so I can buy his book...which I will never use to stop a door. :-)

  14. PVE, thank you so much your comment and understanding of what one can leave behind. It's an honor to gather it all together!

    Anonymous, Thank you so much for your interest in Andre's poetry. That's wonderful to know!


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