November 7, 2011

1960s Mexicottons

I just discovered these wonderful Mexicottons from máXimo design by Alexander Girard. As a textile designer, Girard is known particularly for the work he did for Herman Miller from 1952 to 1975. In the late 50's, Girard felt that the textile industry was lacking the zest of color he was looking for, so he designed these lively cottons that were woven at a 19th century textile mill in Morelia, Mexico. Today, máXimo is working with the same mill to re-issue these Mexicottons, which are hand-dyed and hand-woven exactly the way they were when Herman Miller first introduced the fabrics in 1961. These beautiful stripes are respectably priced at $65 per yard and $45.50 to the trade, with a 1-yard minimum. I'm planning to cover two chairs in the pink/red stripe, with stripes running horizontally.


wide multi-stripe


pink multi-stripe

blue/green multi-stripe



In 2000, máXimo partnered with the Girard family to bring Alexander Girard's extensive collection of work to the contemporary market by joining select companies like Flor, Maharam, Kate Spade, Herman Miller, Vitra and Chronicle Books. Products include accessories, home + office, pillows, fabrics and more.


  1. Ah, the stripes! Barbara, we are on the same wave length. These are fabulous and so inspirational! Thanks for this post.


  2. We are, Courtney... stripes and the color red! Have a great afternoon. ; )

  3. Girard's fabrics speak the 60's to me. Nothing reminds me more of that era than acid colours and stripes. I want to see after pics when you recover your chairs. That fabric would be my choice too! Great post Barbara. So fascinating that he worked for Herman Miller.

    Have a lovely evening my dear. xx oo

  4. Just love these!! Can't wait to see your chair!!

  5. Please, pretty pleeeaaase tell me you will be posting a gift guide for this season. Your list was such a help to me!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    I am so happy to hear my gift guide has been a help to you, delighted in fact. I just had foot surgery and though I had every intention of putting one together for this season, I'm not sure I will be able to. Oh dear... if you are desperate for any "specific" ideas, please feel free to send me an email [located in my blogger profile, above right] and I'd be happy to try and help-out!

    Merriest Christmas to you, and I absolutely promise a gift guide next year, for certain.

    All best wishes,

  7. PS... links to the previous gift guides just in a case you find something you missed!


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