August 16, 2011

EmersonMade | Caftan Delight

I was delighted today when this hand-made cloth bag arrived in the mail. When opened, the entire room at once smelled of lavender and inside with my new divine Butterfly Caftan, there was also a thank you note. Yes, a thank you note! There was nothing this beautiful package from EmersonMade was lacking and the caftan inside [from the EM India Collection] is absolutely everything I expected it to be. Emerson and Ryan Fry—the darling husband and wife team behind EmersonMade—are everywhere lately, including this recent interview in The New York Times T Style Magazine. The company was founded in 2009 and aspires to this simple principle:

EmersonMade is a company that believes in celebrating the uniqueness of the individual, the joy of being alive and all the smallness that makes up the Big Beautiful.

And, everything about this charming Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based company is Big Beautiful. My pick for fall is the Emerson London Coat [modeled here by Emerson] and the Emerson Dude Loafers. Perfection.

Make sure to check-out EM Travel Blog and EM Journal. More Big Beautiful!

Royal Heritage Hotel in Jaipur, India | Ryan and Emerson in India


  1. Oh I've seen Emerson Made before - looks like a charming brand and of course love their mantra. I missed the article in the Times - will have to check it out. I love caftans - will have to go take a look at them as well. Love your fall pick!!

  2. Hi Barbara! I have loved looking through your blog, but have not commented before. I wanted to remedy that. Thank you for all the inspiration. Warm regards,

  3. Barb, what a delight to know that she is also a girl with great manners!
    xo Lisa


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