February 17, 2011

The Cut: André Leon Talley on Fashion Week Trends


  1. "I don't speak trends"; admire that in a big way. 'Things' that are special or priceless to us, are those things that take time. Why slap a label on everything and so soon. Instant gratification is like instant potatoes. Loved the last frame of Whoopi and Mr. Talley.

    Thanks for posting Barbara. What a thrill it would be to attend a show! Love to you from those girls in Houston, Deb + Buffy

  2. Hi Deb!
    I love that he said we should sit back and enjoy fashion. It's all too fleeting! And, there is so much work + creativity involved. Love to you + Buff. Billy is dozing ; ) oxo

  3. Gotta love him!! I agree that a longer term true trend takes time, but when you see line after line with longer lengths or lots of layers or wider legs, it clearly shows what's going to be coming for fall - and maybe that shouldn't be considered a trend. Whether they will stay for more than a few months is where his vision comes in. And totally agree that the fashion needs to be enjoyed - there were so many people trying to get their own shots of the runway, I don't know how they could really have appreciated it! Love Deb's "Instant gratification is like instant potatoes"!!

  4. Hi Q!
    She approached him too soon! But, considering London, Milan, and then Paris - NY was just the beginning. Everyone loves a quick read. Great posts on Quintessence this week ; )


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