February 13, 2011


"Best new artist" nominee, Esperanza Spalding is slated to perform tonight at the Grammy Awards. At age 26, Esperanza is a powerhouse of musical intellect and sensitivity. While growing up, the Portland, Oregon native was greatly influenced by her mother's own musical interests—and apparently, it was a performance by Yo Yo Ma on an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, that prompted her to pursue a life in music. In 2005, almost immediately after graduating from Berklee College of Music, she became one of the youngest professors ever to be hired by the renowned institution. Esperanza has a love of fusion music deeply rooted in traditional jazz. She also has a great appreciation of the music and culture of other countries, citing Brazil as a favorite... "With Portuguese songs, the phrasing of the melody is intrinsically linked with the language, and it's beautiful." Her latest album Chamber Music Society, which was released this past August, blends her classical roots with the jazz world. When asked if the Grammy nomination has changed her life, she said... "I'm going to buy a dress that I wouldn't have normally bought to go to the awards ceremony, but I still take the subway—things are pretty much as they were before." Esperanza is determined that fame will not distort the soulful core of her artistry. Let's hope she's right. Best of luck to Esperanza Spalding!

Esperanza singing Fall In

POST NOTE: She won!!

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  1. your flawless taste continues to impress ...

    here's a little jazz link for your afternoon perusal.



  2. Of course you discovered her first! Your taste continues to impress as well. Thanks for the link... so perfectly written in that FatScribe lyrical way... Cheers!

  3. Unlike you two very cool cats, I am a bit abashed to admit I was not familiar with Ms. Spalding. But after listening to the clip I LOVE HER!!! I am going to itunes immediately after this to download. Don't know if I will be watching the Grammy's but will certainly keep my fingers crossed for this impressive new talent!

  4. my, my. it's the mutual admiration society ... oh, wait, we've already given each other ABWS awards! have a great sunday too! *(grammys in the house, y'all)

  5. I did not know the fabulous Miss E was from Portland? I'm looking forward to watching her perform tonight. I just saw Lady G. and boy was that fun. I played string bass in school as did daughter Em. Always wanted Emily to keep it up and play in college. I was listening to some recordings of a few jazz bands my dad had back in the day. Those were the days. I feel like our lives are just one big soundtrack. Enjoy the Grammy's tonight Barbara. Sending a hug from Houston. Bye the way, I'm in that big admiration society for both you & Jg!

    x Deb + Buff

  6. Hi Stacey! Happy to introduce you to Esperanza. ; )

    Jg., + Deb ; )

    Buff ^..^


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