February 9, 2011


These cold February days are brightened immensely by all of the citrusy palettes I'm seeing—I'm particularly drawn to these colors. The photographs of Aran Goyoaga stop me in my tracks each and every time I see one. They feel so light and spontaneous and are styled so perfectly—a spoon holding just the right amount of sugar, a napkin with ever so lightly used creases, tucked next to a bowl. Aran uses the most simple and delightful objects. She is currently writing and photographing her first cookbook, which will be published by Little Brown in the fall of 2012. I can't wait! In the meantime, I'll continue to stop every time I see one of her photographs. You can see more of her work and her award-winning blog here.


  1. I would treasure the time to be able to sit-down and have a conversation with someone that looks at life with eyes that are so visual (if that makes sense?). Some people don't really see & others are so fine tuned. I wish I had Aran's vision. What a great cookbook that will be!

    Sending love to you and Billy ♥

  2. Hi Deb... I agree that Aran certainly sees. She has such a fine aesthetic. Her work is an inspiration. Clear + delicate.
    Love to you + Buffy oxo

  3. Absolutely stunning to the eye, also making my mouth water :)

  4. Wow, that second image is really just so stunning. I'm going to have to spend some time on her blog. Thanks!

  5. Casey... I love her work! You will, too. ; )


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