February 25, 2011

The Envelope Please

I hope you enjoy the 83rd Academy Awards this weekend! For a yummy Oscar dinner, I suggest this classic from The Silver Palette and plenty of good champagne! You can cast your vote on the New York Times ballot here. Cheers!

Illustrations by the celebrated René Gruau
Champagne Primer: Quintessence Blog


  1. How fun to vote and I fancy the illustrations.Us gals in Houston are sending best wishes to you & Billy for a lazy winters weekend. Hopefully spring is in the air?

    Deb + Buff

  2. Hi Deb + Buff, Billy is snuggled under two blankets right now - in perfect dachshund fashion! Yes... we will cast our Oscar votes while sipping champagne! Have a wonderful weekend! Spring is still just a tease. oxo

  3. What a fun surprise - thank you for the link!! The pasta dish sounds delicious!! Didn't know about the Times ballot - don't know if I can vote since I haven't seen many of the movies! I'll be voting in the fashion category :-)

  4. I agree Deb, love the illustrations! Fun post Barb! Today lends some hope - lots of rain, but NO SNOW!

  5. Hi Q!

    I should add your other link as well "Fancy a Flute?" I'm a "saucer" gal myself!
    It's so close this year. I think The Social Network might nab best movie though The King's Speech will win in many other categories... hopefully, Colin Firth for best actor - he's such a star! I'm not sure how the Academy can snub the movie about Facebook considering all that has happened in the world lately! Here's your other fabulous link:

  6. Hi sis... we had a tiny bit snow at the beach!
    I love Gruau's illustrations. They pop back into my stratosphere like good fashion does!

  7. Gorgeous illustrations, I just bought a French 1955 Vogue with that one on the right in it plus lots of others, so very inspiring!

  8. Hi Viv,
    These illustrations are just so good + absolutely inspiring! I expect we might see that pink on Sunday night ; )

  9. hi, barb ... thx for the voting ballot and for the champagne! you're too kind! -Jg.


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