July 5, 2010


Vignettes from our annual 4th of July spent with friends on The Farm. I am lucky to have spent nearly every 4th of July here for the past 20+ years. The Farm is a place that feels like home to so many of us. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend and that it's continuing through today. It's a perfect beach day here on the East Coast, and I'm heading off for an ocean swim now! ox


  1. It looks like a lovely place to spend a holiday weekend! Happy summer!

  2. Barbara there isn't a photo that I wouldn't like to crawl into. I can hardly imagine having such a lovely place to spend a holiday as great as the 4th of July?! My ex-in-laws had a great home on a small lake in Washington State that was such an idyllic spot. Sadly my MIL was a very (very) odd woman & all those what could of been spectacular memories we 'not'. I envy you my friend. I hope you had a really wonderful time. Thinking of you. xx deb

  3. Casey it's the perfect place! ; )

  4. Deb... it's an amazing place we call "The Farm" filled with equally amazing friends. We spend every 4th of July and every New Year's Eve {20+ years} here. The summer months are the best with swinging screen doors and lolling about! ox B

  5. Thank you Eve. I just visited your great blog and I am on my to iTunes to buy "Summer in Paris." Thank you for visiting!


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