July 29, 2010

Swan's Island + Albers + Friends

Swan's Island was just perfect. And, we did use a few Josef Albers paintings as inspiration to get our creativity flowing. It was amazing just how much we saw our chosen Alber's palette on Swan's—even the pinks in the glow of the sunset and subtle shades of it in the sand. The coast of Maine is rich with light and texture. The water is salty and divine. The air is clear and crisp. Spending time with best friends who all have creative spirits is just the best. We are easily content and happy in this incredible place. It's as sweet as the years we've all spent together.

Of course, there are many things to stop and see along the way to Swan's Island. I traditionally stop in antique book barns. This time, I found an interesting book by Walter Sorell called The Duality of Vision about the urge of writer's to paint, and painter's to write, etc. The book includes a poem written by Josef Albers:

More -- or Less
Easy -- to know
that diamonds -- are expensive
good -- to learn
that rubies -- have depth
but more -- to see
that pebbles -- are miraculous

I love this little poem by Albers and found many miraculous pebbles and rocks on Swan's Island.

We gather all of our food on the mainland before we meet at the ferry in Bass Harbor, and then fill-in as we go at the small Carrying Place Market on the island. My favorite and a must stop on the way to Bass Harbor is Chase's Daily {vegetarian restaurant + farmer's market + café} in Belfast, Maine. The produce is brought in daily from the farm at 11 am and it's good to get there soon after that unless you have time to get there for a delicious breakfast or lunch. The mesclun mix is exotic, the chard and kale have the deepest hues of goodness, the purslane and arugula is fresh and crisp, and the charming buckets of flowers and baskets of herbs are full of beauty, and earthly love.

Wishing you a beautiful summer and I hope that you too, find a little time to get away from it all! oxo

Photos: My Dog-Eared Pages
Chase's Daily storefront photo, courtesy of a great blog about Maine called 2bnmaine


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    Love it!

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    Love the article!

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2010

    Wow....Incredible life!

  4. i spent some days here, once upon a time...

    i remember lying across a large, hot rock to

    catch my

    breath after a cold, cold swim.

  5. Beth by land by air by sea, I love your memory. We do the same thing. But this time of the summer, it's not quite as cold, or maybe... we are getting used to it. ; )

  6. idyllic. I am impressed by the creative energy your gathering generates. beautiful. pgt

  7. What a perfect summer you are having!

  8. Your feed is insanely good.


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