July 3, 2009


The Farm, by Eric K. Andersen [my husband]

The Farm is where we spend every 4th of July with our gracious hosts Julie & Julian and a lot of old friends. We drink "débutante punch" [a champagne concoction and secret of Julian's] while we shell peas. Our annual menu is somewhat of a New England tradition and includes vichyssoise or some other amazing cold soup made by friend Ceci, poached salmon with an incredible herby-cream sauce, lightly steamed fresh English peas [my duty], heavenly organic greens and herbs with a sensuous vinaigrette [by Ceci], yummy baguettes galore, and incredible strawberry shortcake made by Julie with the freshest cream imaginable. Divine. Happy 4th of July 2009!

Please listen to John William's brilliant composition [woven through the sweet melody of the Shaker hymn Simple Gifts] in this video from Obama's Inauguration. It was a shining moment for all and it's wonderful to revisit it on this July 4th weekend...


  1. Hi Barbara, I am here at Antiques on Nine...I work here and am here with Idoline and we are looking for your blog spot on the store!!! Let us know where we can find it!!
    LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!
    Holly Ross
    Fish House Designs
    (you can find me on my Fish House Designs fan page!!)

  2. Hi Holly!
    Here's the link:

    So happy you like my blog! Say "hi" to Idoline ; )


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