July 2, 2010


Heading into this beautiful holiday weekend, here are a few fashion picks from a favorite store. Summer style is always carefree and easy... just like these chic + sunny looks from Calypso. Wishing you a very happy 4th of July weekend!


  1. all good, great. one of any one I would take. have a great weekend. pgt

  2. pgt, I just love Nichols' Merry Hall room with Steinway... it's perfection. Relaxed + chic. I've got some more catching-up to do on LA! Have a great weekend! I love the navy + white print dress above... it's shown on Calypso with a fab wide boho-red belt. Happy 4th! ; ) Barbara

  3. I'll take them all. The perfect solution to hot flashes! Ok the white is my fave!
    Hope your having a wonderful holiday.
    xo Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa, hahahehe... I'm not sure anything is the perfect solution except for the ocean!! But these are not bad 2nd solutions, indeed ; ) Happy, happy to you! ox


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