April 17, 2010


1st dibs is a fascinating place to shop and a treasure trove of inspiration—from any genre and any period. On Saturdays, 1st dibs features Saturday Sale, much like a flea market... and fun Saturday Shopping trips [virtual of course] with leading designers and style icons like Kathryn Ireland, Hutton Wilkinson, Clair Watson, and many more. My search today is for wicker and I've found a couple of things I love from an oversized 1890s French Wicker Basket to a pair of Bamboo Reed Wicker Chairs from the 1950s. From furniture and lighting to jewelry to haute couture, 1st dibs has it all.


  1. Barbara oh Barbara you would have to show me those 50's wicker lovelies! I drool at my keyboard over 1stdibs. You are so right, they have it all. I love to peruse the vintage couture. I hope you have a beachy, relaxing, lovely weekend planned? All my best to you xx

  2. Hi Deb! The perfect chairs for one of your Palm Springs picks!! It's very rainy here which is why I've spent even more than my usual time on 1st dibs. Best to you... have a great weekend. oxo

  3. Ohh, that basket is gorgeous. I haven't really spent too much time on 1st Dibs, and I know I've been missing out. This is a good reminder to dive in...


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