April 26, 2010


Summer is coming and it's a great time to load some new sounds on your ipod. The April issue of my favorite, C California Style magazine talks about some of SoCal's breakthrough bands. The budding music scene is full of homegrown bands whose sounds are grabbing international attention. In addition to My Space, it's college radio stations like Santa Monica College's KCRW who find these indie tunes and bring them to the airwaves. I like the clear California sound of the Long Beach-based band, Avi Buffalo. The band of 21-year-olds played its first gig in a local vegan restaurant. "Not unlike the urge among chefs these days to source their ingredients as locally and organically as possible, L.A.'s indie music boom is all about keeping things small scale and close to home."
~ C California Style

Sounds good to me.

<a href="http://avibuffalo.bandcamp.com/track/time-on-you">Time on You by Avi Buffalo</a>


  1. love this ... and as a 4th gen California, i'm totally digging the vibe your blog is flowin'!


  2. Thank you Jg. I'm really digging this band! ;)

  3. Thanks C! Maybe I will... I am a music lover of many genres. ;)


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