November 25, 2009


Schott Zwiesel champagne saucers and Veuve Clicquot champagne bucket
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it—all the planning, phone chats around menus and table settings, thoughts about graciousness and gratefulness and giving thanks... being with family and friends, laughter and champagne. This Thanksgiving, try to take a true break and be in the moment. As my way of giving thanks to you, here is a fun 1965 pilot by Aaron Spelling that was never aired called, The Decorator with Bette Davis. Sit down with a glass of champagne and have a good laugh! All the best to you this Thanksgiving and I thank you for reading My Dog-Eared Pages. oxo


  1. That Bette Davis clip was wonderful! I don't think she got enough chances to show off her sense of humor onscreen :D

  2. I agree Viv... I've always been a great Bette Davis fan. Someone should make this show today... BD would be impossible to replace but it would still be great!!


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