November 4, 2009


Image of Carina at home in RI, courtesy of Domino archives

Carina Schott, the founder of the delightful online store, discovered Indu Lotion at her local yoga class. I found it through Carina's store and use it when I am juice-fasting. Indu Lotion {Sanskrit> nectar of the moon} is created by Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Marni Task. It's a lovely combination of bergamot, lavender and geranium. The scent is heavenly and the healing effects of this hydrating aromatherapy lotion are up-to-the-moon and back. Geranium balances emotions and relieves weariness and stress. Lavender helps to promote clear thinking, calms and soothes the skin, and is great for circulation. Bergamot, the essential oil used in creating my daily favorite Earl Grey Tea, is uplifting for emotions and supports vitality. Added bonus: Marni mixes the lotion with one essential mantra "om namah shivaya" which means "the thought that liberates and protects." For a list of ingredients and to purchase.

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  1. I'm addicted to earl grey and buy anything with bergamot in it. What nice packaging.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for the wonderful comment on Eddie's blog. I am glad to have found your blog and will put it on my daily reads. I do miss Newburyport, visited a couple of years ago.

    Hope all is well.


  3. Mise, I do too!

    Hi Susan, it's great to see you. I will add you to my daily reads here. "The Met Opera" illustration is so good. Everything else, too!!

  4. The sense of smell is such a wonderful gift. I think of smells and associate them with such magic! I adore nonchalant mom and a recipe she had posted for a warm ginger compress for colds. It works!
    Thanks for your kind comment earlier today!

  5. beautiful blog and i love hte elephant onsie

  6. It sounds heavenly! It is going on my Christmas wish list right now!


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