November 27, 2009


Lone Tree image courtesy of photos_mweber on flickr

My husband Eric and I were talking about the kind of Christmas tree we might like this year. We always do something a little different. Shapely pines with burlap-wrapped roots, placed in large urns for planting later. Thin branches of red dogwood standing tall in galvanized buckets. Traditional trees with boughs cut on New Year's Day and placed on our garden beds. But that was when we had soil and gardens. Now... we live in the sand at the beach. Not the Bahamian sort of beach shown in the photograph above but a New England-y beach on the north shore of Massachusetts. We remember this stunning Lone Tree on Harbour Island. It arrived there during hurricane Andrew in 1992. The large almond tree {some say a species of pine} landed in an upright position on the beach just to the north of Dunmore Town. Maybe the Lone Tree and all of its natural beauty will be our inspiration this year. What inspires you this holiday?

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