June 13, 2009


The 2009 Nantucket Film Festival is opening on June 18 [runs through June 21]. The opening film is Cold Souls from writer/director Sophie Barthes. Her script was inspired by a dream she had after viewing Woody Allen's Sleeper... where, Allen was holding his soul in a cup and it was the size of a "chic pea." In Cold Souls, Paul Giamatti plays himself as a tormented actor struggling in rehearsals of Chekhov's Broadway-bound, Uncle Vanya. His agent tells him about Soul Storage, a service featured in The New Yorker, where souls can be traded and exchanged as commodities. Seeking relief from his existential crisis, Giamatti opts to have his soul removed and then replaced once his performance is over. Regretting his decision, Giamatti goes back to reclaim his soul only to find it missing. This tragicomedy reminds us that happiness does not come from the absence of pain and torment, but from the full palette of life's emotions.

Sophie Barthes and Paul Giamatti

Other films at this year's festival: Year One, The Cove, Serious Moonlight, Facing Ali, Amreeka, and many more. Please visit Nantucket Film Festival.

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