May 14, 2011

L'Amour Fou | Mad Love

L'Amour Fou [Mad Love] opened in theaters nationwide yesterday. The documentary by Pierre Thoretton, focuses on the 2009 auction of the elaborate art collection amassed by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner [in business and in life] for a half-century, Pierre Bergé. In the film, Bergé reflects on the history of their personal relationship and the experience of the sale of their joint art collection at Christie's in 2009. From Yves Saint Laurent's 1958 debut for Dior to their houses in Paris, Marrakech, and Normandy, L'Amour Fou is a tribute to a shared life and the importance of the memories—and, not so much the objects that surround us—no matter how beautiful.

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  1. So hoping to see this soon!

  2. I MUST see this movie; in fact want to take my Emily who is studying fashion at University. Pierre had me at 'whose eyes I closed'. Tell us if you see it and what you thought Barbara. Thank you for posting! xx oo

  3. last week both of my sons had concerts on the same night at two different private schools. ugh. had to fly (waaaay to fast) down pch to make it to santa monica for the first. then over the hills (traffic) and through woods (back alleys) to make it on time to the other son's musical.

    however, on the road from son no. 1 to no. 2, i spied this film about Yves on the marque and made a note to check it out in the next few weeks. as a friend I used to know would say about her YSL pumps, "these shoes make me feel badass." and she was. thanks Yves. and thanks Barbara! though if you were wearing these pumps, would you be Barbarella? just curious!


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