January 8, 2011


I love the photography and art of Ivan Terestchenko. Ivan has just added an online gallery to his site, Interieurs Couture with a series of his black + white photographs for sale here. You can visit his wonderful blog here. And, to learn more about Ivan, visit Little Augury's interesting post, through the photographer's eye here!

Photos copyright Ivan Terestchenko {left to right} Azzedine Alaia, Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris • Manolo Blahnik - Bath • Yves Saint Laurent, Chateau Gabriel, Deauville


  1. Ivan had me with two words - INTERIEURS COUTURE. His photography is gorgeous. More & more I'd love to take up photography but know that it's a fine tuned, highly skilled art. Very fun to see Ivan's work and his blog.
    I hope you 3 had a good day today? I have been thinking about you xo xo

  2. Hi Deb, I love Ivan's blog and his work is extraordinary! Thinking of you 3, too!! oxo

  3. I know I am going to purchase a couple. So hard to decide-Do you have a favorite? I love the Chanel screen and settee. It is such a rare opportunity to own something that appeals to the very core of what and why we blog- art, design, fashion, camaraderie. Let me know your favs. pgt

  4. Gaye, It's difficult... I love the lines of the Alaia space shown above. And, of course the photo of the soles of a pair of Blahniks {something so chic about this and such a great shape}. I'm also very interested {and always am} in the desk shots of Yves Saint Laurent and Louboutin. For you, I LOVE the Chanel screen and settee shot. How about that carpet in the Palazzo Pucci photo? Love it!

  5. Gaye said exactly what I was thinking. His work is exquisite - so elegant and timeless. I am definitely getting at least one as well.

  6. Stacey... I'm so pleased you love Ivan's work, and Gaye is so right!

  7. very cool pics. i always stop to see a photo of a desk. i like that desk blotter. unique. i'm always curious to see what's on another's desk.

    alexander rodchenko always impressed me in college (the Getty had a lot of his early 1900's work) with his use of (or capturing) light. obviously, ivan's name reminded me of alexander. though, i do resent the revolutionary russians using rodchenko's work like they did.

    good stuff as always!


  8. Jg., I'm drawn to photographs of desks as well. Thank you for sending us to look at Alexander Rodchenko's work! ; )


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