December 27, 2010

Sartorialist Splendor

The Sartorialist blog is an amazing place to go, to look + see. And there, I am always inspired by so much:

a color palette

a composition

a face

a haircut

Lapo-style • mix + match

a designer {Celine}

a smile

a scene

a necklace

a shoe

a pattern

a pose

or a vibe.

Just a small sampling of the images that stopped me in my sartorial tracks recently. I hope you see all there is to see at The Sartorialist.


  1. All that, agreed, but not just his face - his hands!

  2. Well darn it! I asked for the book for Christmas, but no luck.
    Thank goodness for the blog. I could look at it all day!
    Thank goodness for the sartorialist and those dog eared pages too!
    xo LP

  3. LP, thanks for stopping by!! Talk soon ; )

  4. Just love his work and the site is totally addictive. Such an incredible eye!

  5. Hi Stacey, I can get totally lost in it!! Your new champagne post is fabulous... Cheers!!


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