December 19, 2010


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Black Friday - Always Thinking

I am sorry to have disappeared for a while. But, I had decided to leave the Gift Guide front and center on the blog for the past month. Heading into Christmas week, we have a sad situation at our house. Our darling dachshund Billy, is having some back trouble. We are seeing a neurologist tomorrow. So, please send your best, healing thoughts our way. I had planned to post some of my favorite Andy Warhol illustrations {created for Tiffany} this weekend, but instead... here are some of my favorite Billy cartoons by my best friend, Mark. We love Mark and his love for Billy. Our fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery! Wishing you a very happy holiday. oxo


  1. I'm so shocked by this news about Billy. You can count on me to pray & pray hard for positive news tomorrow and a speedy recovery for our sweet boy. I know how I'd feel & it wouldn't be good. Buffy is sending her love as are Graham & I. I'll check in with you later in the week to see how he is doing. We're really sorry.


  2. Dear Deb, I'm just a wreck. We are keeping him in the crate until seeing neurologist in the morning... ugh! oxo

  3. Thinking of you and Billy. Hope it is a quick and easy fix.

  4. Thank you Patricia... We are relieved Billy is sleeping at this moment.
    Good luck getting settled in the new house, gingerbread and all. ; )

  5. Thank you Jaime... he is not having a good time ;(

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Positive thoughts from our household for Billy's speedy recovery!

  7. Thank you Viv! Hope to catch up soon! ; )

  8. We had a beloved beagle with the same problem (I think). It's very difficult and my thoughts are with you. I loved that dog like no other.

  9. L'age M,
    I am so sorry to hear about your beagle and greatly appreciate your note. We are getting through long days of medicine and the crate with high hopes. Thanks so much, Barbara


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