October 27, 2010


I am so looking forward to seeing {and buying} many of the pieces in the upcoming Tory Burch Resort Collection. She seems to get so much, so right—the globe-trotting inspired prints, the vibrant colors, the 70s sensibilities, and advertising shoots that are spot-on to the spirit and genre of her style and brand. The inspiration for this globally-inspired collection came from India and Africa. Necklaces crafted from beads and shells accessorize the silks and chiffons. As Burch expands her stores into Asia, this globe-trotting collection is bound to be a big hit. Just love.


  1. I finally got to know Tory Burch after reading her interview in the Oct. Town & Country. I love that girl and now I love her collections even more. I'm still drooling over what she pulled together from her line, the sweater and her squash blossom necklace on that cover!
    Stop by Barb for a peek at some other beautiful things from the same issue.
    I always leave here feeling so much more stylish and in the know! Thank you.

  2. Hi Lisa ; ) She is quite amazing. That issue of T & C was superb and I've been trying to track down the earrings she's wearing on page 157 ever since reading "What's Next Tory?" She is just about the only designer who can suddenly make me desire a baja hoodie! I'm heading over to your "LP Collection" right now. ox

  3. Hi Jaime! She really "gets it!" Have a great weekend ; ).

  4. Barbara,
    Yes, I do love her clothing. Somehow, I wish I could just add one piece every season to my wardrobe. She has a unique style and seems to have an unlimited budget and ideas to go with. Everything she does has such a luxe global look. I love all the whimsy, the patterns and then the "status" she has injected back in to fashion. I think she will be the next biggie, like Ralph.

  5. Patricia, I agree completely. The next "biggie" indeed! ; )
    I love your latest drawings and I use my Blue Girl PVE sketchbook daily.

  6. Oh my, how pretty! Love the bold patterns.

  7. I love the combinations of patterns, I truly wish I could escape from my black and white mode of dressing.

  8. Viv, go for it!! You would look so great in so many colors. I've definitely become more color gutsy as I've gotten older.... way older than you are! Have a great weekend ; )


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