August 7, 2010

Camel + Bright Blue | Fall + Fashion

The color camel and camel hair coats will continue to be popular this fall. I love the color camel and especially paired with a bright, almost periwinkle blue. It makes me long for the blue, washed-silk shirt I bought years ago at Country Road Australia {Remember that store? They're opening an online boutique soon!} and also for the camel hair coat I wore in the 1970s that my father bought for me from The Darien Sport Shop. What a perfect classic that coat was—paired with a little black dress or worn-in jeans and a crisp white shirt. The revolving fashion wheel returns us to classics over and over again, but sometimes with decades in between.

I am now on the hunt for the color camel and blue combination wherever I can find it—it's a lovely duet that blends the summer perfectly into fall. Here is a little palette of fashion inspiration from around the Internet. And, how about turbans for fall? How utterly fabulous!

And, January Jones in a camel hair coat with a cashmere sweater and an Hermès scarf... just mad perfection!

Photos, courtesty: Garance Dore, French Vogue, J. Crew, Jak + Jill, Sartorialist, and Google images


  1. Oh Barbara you are reading my mind again. Once we get the green light that we are moving to a cold climate, I want to invest in a camel coat. I love your memories of those you've had, it's funny how I too remember the ones I've worn over the years since high school. I hope you had a good week? Summer is flying bye at a record speed this year. My blogging has fallen by the way-side I'm afraid. Wishing you a lovely evening and a peaceful Sunday. A big hug to you xx

  2. Hi dearest DT,

    My blogging has slowed down a bit too but I'm gearing up for fall and can't wait to be in touch, soon! I'll send a detailed chat to you. So great to see you here and lots of love and wishes for a great finish to our summer weekend! oxo B

  3. Country Road is still going strong :) In fact they're opening an online boutique soon!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    That's great to know!! I'd love their birch pleat-front harem pants, and can't wait until they open their online boutique. It's been years since they've been available in the states. Thanks for the tip ; )

  5. so I have a camel hair Calvin of old to refurb for the winter. I love it too. pgt


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