August 20, 2010


Today, I've decided to show a few of the images I've recently saved to my desktop. Things + places that inspire me. If Freud had a look at this collection, he might say that I desire to go make-out on the beach somewhere, and maybe squeeze in a little project! The first image is a dog-eared page from House & Garden magazine. I'm not sure of the issue date, but it's a chinoiserie-toile wallpaper {Schumacher, Nanjing} that I just love. To the right, is an iconic George Barris photograph of Marilyn Monroe. I had one of those Mexican sweaters in the 1970s, and would love to find one again. Any thoughts about where? I think Brook Farm General Store might have sold them last year? Next, a photo of a room at the divine Perivolas Hotel in Oia, on Santorini. I love the simplicity of the space and the color of the cotton coverlet is an absolute favorite at the moment. To the right... a sexy, sweet embrace between Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. I love this couple! A friend posted this image on Facebook and I am not sure of its original source. Then we move to a photo of Majorca with almost surreal looking umbrellas. They remind of Lulu's Italian umbrellas. And, finally... the chic Don't Tread on Me needlepoint canvas designed by Louis Gartner, Jr. that I first discovered on the wonderful Mrs. Blandings. I'd love to stitch this needlepoint canvas... maybe Art Needlepoint can re-create it! What inspires you lately?

It's a perfect day here on the Massachusetts coast and my sister is coming for the weekend! Have a great time this weekend wherever you are. oxo


  1. Hi Barbara - I loved seeing what things, people & places inspire you. After seeing the photo of the embrace of PC/JB, one smoldering couple, I may just need to jump into the ocean, although that won't likely help as it is so warm!

    I have to say honestly that I am lacking inspiration right now. Not sure if it's due to the lack of print magazines or what? I love the accessibility of images online, but sadly for me, just not the same. I'm showing my age, just like that fabulous Mexican sweater. It'll always be in-style; as for me, always questionable.

    Have a glorious beach side weekend with your sis. Hugs to you x

  2. Oh my DT... you are the best!! I'm finding it tricky to write about any one particular thing at the moment. Life and work and fitting in a bit of beach time is not leaving much time for writing. Where might we find that Mexican sweater? I still love them... the really good ones. I am so happy my sis is coming! Big hugs back! ox B

  3. Great inspiration, Barbara! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  4. I never get tired of seeing a terrific still life, and it is very satisfying to look at the Schumacher chinoiserie paper with the set up in front of it on the small console.

  5. Hi Harrison... I agree! And, I love that particular console with that paper. I hear people are buying-up your needlepoint canvases! Let's email soon. All the best, Barbara

  6. Visual delights!
    I want to crawl in that dreamy bed~


  7. Hi L,
    I know! I love that bed and its little nook!
    ; )

  8. Barbara --

    That chinoiserie image is terrific and I love the Mexican sweater too. Great mix of images!


  9. Thanks Courtney! I had one of those sweaters when I was 18 and I'm on the search for another one... a really good one! Have a great afternoon. ; ) Barbara


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