March 24, 2010


A friend of mine sent me this issue of Vogue last week. October 1946 closed at 312 pages and cost .35 cents. Georgian, Jessica Daves was Editor and renowned Alexander Liberman, Art Director. The cover highlights the subtle look of 1946 beauty which depended on..."A softly tinted complexion. A vivid mouth. Notable eyes. And hair, shining and serenely waved." I am loving every page of the issue as the inspiration continues...

Patterns in nature by Horst [a leaf in a botanical garden].

Advertising images by Vertes.

A dramatic portrait by Horst of Mrs. Fulton Cutting, Junior at her house in Southampton—in a story about fashion and country-life. "Short dinner clothes are a natural love of hers; fits her schedule of essentially simple country-life entertaining, quick dips into party life in town." The dress was made-to-order at Hattie Carnegie.

And, don't you just love these chic country suits worn with Bernardo sandals [barely-shoes]? Perfect for a quick dip into party life in town!

Images, courtesy of Condé Nast Publications


  1. Hi Barbara; What a terrific friend to send you this great if not priceless vintage issue of Vogue. I'd have a hay-day flipping through each image and story. The country suits are gorgeous & I'd think you could pull off wearing them today just as in 1946. So glad you shared some of it with us. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine to step back to that era. Women were such ladies.

    Smiles xx

  2. Hi Deb, I agree... the country suits are fantastic!! Ladies... like your mom, with her fabulous hats!! oxo Barbara

  3. Hi there - this is amazing, what a beautiful stylish woman. So ladylike. What a divine gift from your friend. xoxo

  4. Hi Jane! Vogue's 1946 direction in makeup/beauty was right on... and relevant today! ;) Barbara

  5. What a cool issue to own- the cover is gorgeous!

  6. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011


    what an utterly delicious blog! we are going to link to you and do a "blog crush" post in the next few days (sadly day-job-calls-must-get-ready-now).

    thought you might enjoy our own vintage vogue finds here:

    happy days and glossy pages from team gloria. xx


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