March 13, 2010


I cannot believe it's been a year this week that I lost my godfather George. I think about him all the time. I'm grateful to have spent many days with him at the end of his life. We had wonderful chats about art. A lot of what I write about here on this blog is because of him. He was one of the greatest gifts of my life. So, this little post is in memory of George, shown above [on the left] with old friends. oxo


  1. We are so lucky to have had such creative forces present in our lives. I went back to revisit George's illustrations-which I remembered seeing! they are delightful- and what evocative photographs you've found too. For some reason I was not getting your post feeds and today I received about 10!, catching up is fun- but late. pgt

  2. PGT.... Yes, we are so lucky and I'm so happy that you like George's illustrations! I think they are gems. Sorry about the blog-feed! I did change something yesterday that obviously regenerated the feed. I'm delighted that you spent a little bit catching-up! ;) Barbara

  3. From what you've beautifully written about George, he's sounded like an amazing man. Your last times with him were so special and the things you shared mean something so tender and you hold dear. Anyone that appreciated how the Met looked lit up a night say the world through a different set of glasses. He appreciated much and so many I would suspect. Your were truly blessed Barbara as was he. You've honored him greatly.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you today!
    Sláinte ~ xxoo deb

    P.S. - that would be such a great thought as to share a drink someday with you and J Gregg! I'm holding out for the day.

  4. Thank you Deb and yes to our drink with J Gregg! I hope all is o.k. there. Thinking of you... oxo Barbara

  5. kind of...
    in love...
    with your blog.
    amazing images + posts.
    definitely will be following you

  6. Thank you so much Ashlina... What a lovely compliment and I am delighted you enjoy my blog!!

    ;) Barbara

  7. What a wonderful and touching tribute to your godfather. He sounds like such a special person - I liked how he asked you to tell him about your dog.


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