January 22, 2010


I idolized Twiggy growing up and even got the famous haircut in fifth grade. The National Portrait Gallery in London celebrates Twiggy and her 60th birthday with a photographic exhibition highlighting definitive moments in her cover girl career. Twiggy's iconic status exemplified Swinging London—named for the city's vibrant fashion and cultural scene in the 1960s. With her boyish haircut, waif-like bod and bold lashes, Twiggy created a look that illustrates an era. To accompany the exhibition [on through March], The National Portrait Gallery has published a book | Twiggy: A Life in Photographs.


  1. Just imagine if she hadn't used that name though. I think a large part of her iconic success is the perfect branding of that name with the image and the times.

  2. Marty, I do think with a face like that... nothing could have stopped her!!

  3. Oh what a face.....I gotta get this book!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

  4. That'd be a fabulous show to visit... too bad I'm not in London, lol. Just a slight technicality... :)

  5. Last week I did a post about fashion and style through the years, from the sixties (when I was born) to current times. I chose Twiggy as THE fashion icon of her time, she was the first super model. Love her! Wish I was in London too!

  6. I have gotta get a copy of that book!

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    Your support means the world to me!!


  7. Eddie... You've got my vote/s!!!! oxo Barbara

  8. There are certain things/people that exemplify my childhood, and there is not one that does that more than Leslie. To meet her in person would be like meeting the Queen herself. I have this favorite photo of me with my Twiggy haircut and a neon stripped mock-turtle dress with my go-go boots!! She turned out to be quite the woman we can all admire. All my best to you Barbara. I hope you are doing well this week? xx deb

  9. What an era.... though it has to be said I think Jean Shrimpton was the face of the generation for me!


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