October 3, 2009


One of my favorite roles in life is being an Aunt. Right now, three of my nieces are in the prime of their lives—Fin is living in her first apartment in trendy Brooklyn and studying at Parsons, Em is abroad this semester in a beautiful village in Ireland, and Suki is studying in Rome, and right this minute taking a swim off a boat in Capri [love texting!]. Here I am in Venice a while back. You might be able tell by my look which decade this is? When Fin saw this pic this summer, she said, "Auntie Boo, you're so fashionable!" And, just for a moment... I was in the prime of my life!


  1. Lucky you, straight out of a Graham Greene classic!

  2. Hi Mise, I love my role as auntie... and they are all so great!! Yes, Greene, indeed {love that book!}.


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