October 8, 2009


Irving Penn dies at age 92, New York {nytimes obit}.

The photography of Irving Penn has always had a great influence on me and I believe the book Passage is one of the most important books on my bookshelf. I will make sure that the next time I see my niece Fin {who is studying at Parsons} that we sit down and look at every amazing page together.

Shown above: Empty Plate, New York 1947 | Penn on shoot with New Guinea mud man and child | Pastry Chefs, Paris 1950 from Small Trades | Vogue Cover, 1943 Conde Nast archives |
Woman in Moroccan Palace (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), Marrakech, 1951

images ©
Irving Penn


  1. First we lost Richard Avedon, now Irving Penn... Sigh.

  2. Love the picture in the Moroccan palace. So atmospheric!

  3. pashmina, That is one of my favorite Irving Penn photos. Thanks for visiting!


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