March 25, 2009



The Tom Scheerer aesthetic is a lesson in artistic perfection—a visual territory with a disciplined approach to composition. Tom's interiors are succinct and cozy, complex yet subtle, textural but not ornate, and highly sophisticated without pretense. My Dog-Eared Pages is delighted to talk with Tom and ask him some fun questions:

Current obsession: asparagus and rhubarb, it's Spring.

Last thing you bought: Two pair of imitation "Belgian Shoes" made by Testoni exclusively for Maus and Hoffman in Palm Beach. They are superior in every way to the real thing... construction and comfort wise and only twice as expensive!!

Favorite vacation spot: One of my houses in Paris, Harbour Island, Maine, or East Hampton! Or Capri in June.

Listening to: Camille (Dalmais)

Inspiring artist: Anish Kapoor...... Purity, technicianship and accessibility

Can't live without: Food and water, that's it.

Most precious belonging: My passport

Favorite shape: Circle...... see Carl Jung

Color of the moment: Purple, again

Cocktail of the moment: Negroni, its purple

Museum pick: Musée de la chasse et de la Nature around the corner from my house in Paris

Most comfortable shoes: See above (Maus and Hoffman) or my brown suede slip-on Merrells for city and country walking.

Favorite time of day: dawn

Thing about interior design you already knew at age 18: Brown wool velvet 20" Wilton carpeting everywhere possible.

Best design advice for readers: Hire a professional, if you can afford it, then don't interfere.


NOTE: One of Tom's latest projects is Maison 1400, his 15th-century house in Paris. It's available to rent as a full townhouse that sleeps up to TEN; or as four private apartments. Maison 1400 reflects Tom's signature high-style, understated luxury and sense of comfort. To find out more, visit: Maison1400



  1. Great interview Barbara. Just the kind Tom likes - short and sweet!

    the circle thing clearly runs in the family.
    xo ID

  2. ID, no needless words or needless elements in his perfect design work. And the circle ~ of course!! ox


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