March 29, 2009


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  1. Dorothy MohrNovember 08, 2009

    Thank you, Barbara. Who will ever forget that deluge during/after Andre's service? My new Yves St. Laurent wool coat was never the same -- perhaps it had something to do with the soggy 8-hour trip back to France that same night.

    Like you, I will never forget Andre. He was an extraordinary person, especially for the way he did things. We met at the end of the 60's in a bar in Lech, Austria; we immediately recognized ourselves as family and only ever met up three times again.

    Be my cousin, I thought, as I wrote him "Cousin."
    "Ma Chere Cousine," he wrote me back, and the correspondence continued several decades until his death.

    Why we love is a mystery, but somehow we know it when we come upon it. It doesn't matter if the sun is out or if it is raining -- take the metaphor as far as you care to -- it doesn't matter a whit. What is important is unconditional acceptance of the person and everyone dear to him/her.

    As you are to me, Barbara. Thank you again for remembering our Andre.




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