February 28, 2009


William Spratling Sterling Fish Box from Modest Designs on 1st dibs
Sometimes the tragedy of a place draws your compassion towards the goodness of it. Mexico is in a deep state of narcocultura. Violent drug-related killings have permeated Mexican life as drug traffickers embark on narco-terror and government corruption abounds. This is tragic for a society that is steeped in a culture of respect, religion, the arts, and indigenous communities. Mexico's fertile creativity struggles against these violent odds as well as the legacy of colonial violence which continues many years beyond the post-revolution era. From my safe New England haven, I hold the people of Mexico in my thoughts. I was first introduced to a bit of Mexican style through a boutique in Darien, Connecticut in the 1970s called The Mexican Room. The owner Mildred Morganstern had an eye for Huichol embroidered manta cotton dresses, Otomi textiles, and heavy Mexican silver jewelry. Thus began my teenage love affair with Mexican style. I am continually drawn to the elegant heart and colorful soul of Mexican style & decoration. Here is a collection of My Dog-Eared picks:

Casamidy Hacienda Headboard

Light Blue Papel Picado Banner

Vintage Mexican Bowl, Oaxaca

Embroidered Huichol Blouse

Handcrafted Talavera Tile

Margot de Taxco Sterling Bracelet

Casa San Miguel: Inspired Design and Decorations

Mexican Otomi Textiles


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